Placements and research visits


The lab welcomes undergraduates and self-funded post-graduated for research placements.  We have numerous small projects that can be accomplished in around six to 12 months, with six months being the preferred length for placements.  More than 15 students, mostly from Europe have been in the lab for training, research experience and living abroad experience. 

While the lab provides an excellent training environment, and will assist with accommodation and other issues associated with short-term visits, it cannot provide financial support for students, which you will have to secure in your home countries.  Within Europe, numerous national and European schemes exist to support mobility, especially between countries.  All students that have aimed to come to the lab have been successful in such schemes.

In the lab, you will be associated with the project of a post-doctoral or post-graduate investigator, who will also provide day-to-day guidance to the extent necessary.